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Incompatibility with Original X-Carve
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If you own an original X-Carve that only has a few inches of clearance under the X gantry, then our v2, v3 dust boots will not work at all.  v4 has potential, but even then you'll be using about a 1/2" or so using our bracketing system.


Our recommendation is to raise your gantry using two options currently on the market:


1. Inventables Upgrade Kit which can be found here: Inventables Upgrade kit

2. CNC4Newbie's Risers:  X-Carve Risers kit



Unfortunately, there is just no getting around the fact that our under-the-gantry dust boot options (v2/v3) take away from your Z capacity.  On top of that the fact that the OG X-Carve had a very limited Z capacity to begin with means this type of boot is simply not possible.


We're always looking for ways to work around this limitation and the best recommendation at this point is to look into our v7 boot which mounts directly to the router/spindle.


Learn more about boot compatibility for the X-Carve here:

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