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Dust Boots for X-Carve
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Z-Independent vs Router Mounted

There are two types of dust boots and which one you choose greatly depends on a few factors.

  • Z-Independent boots hover over your stock allowing your router to move freely in the Z direction.  These type of boots are perfect for 2.5D carving like simple signs.
  • Router mounted boots attach directly to your router and moves in the Z direction.  These type of boots are perfect for 3d carving.


Z-Independent Bracketing?  Yes... you will need bracketing with your Z-Independent dust boot.  We have the perfect z-independent bracketing system for your older stock X-Carve as well as upgraded X-Carves.


Front or Back Loading

PwnCNC revolutionized the CNC dust collection market by releasing the first of its kind "under-the-gantry" or "rear-loading" dust boot design.  

  • Rear Loading (our v2/v3 designs) gives you the greatest visibility and access to your router, but these features  come at a cost... reduced Z capacity.  When it comes to X-Carve that means you must have a raised gantry for our v2/v3 designs to work optimally.  There are a few ways to raise the gantry, but the Inventables Upgrade kit is highly recommended.
  • Front Loading (our v4 design) gives you a great z-independent boot and requires no Z capacity to make it work. This is perfect if you're cutting very thick stock or haven't upgraded your stock X-Carve yet.
  • Alternatively our v7 design offers a router mounted boot that also takes up no Z capacity and will work great on any X-Carve machine.
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