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SuckIt Arms Compatibility
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PwnCNC Dust Boots v2, v3, and v4 are not compatible with SuckIt Support Arms.


If you purchased the SuckIt dust boot with your Onefinity machine, the boot comes with a pair of injection molded support arms.  These arms are NOT compatible with PwnCNC dust boots v2, v3, or v4.  


PwnCNC Dust Boot v8, sold exclusively through Onefinity, is the only PwnCNC Boot version that will work with the SuckIt arms.


Here's a photo of why this is so:


Notice how the each boot's center of gravity shifts either forward or backward of where the router bit would sit.  For this reason, the PwnCNC arms are tucked in just behind the router's bit.


A special design change was made to v8 which shortened the boot's overall length to fit perfectly onto the Onefinity and allowed for the center of gravity to shift forward.  This gravity shift made compatibility with the SuckIt arms possible.


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