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ATC Overall Diagram and Unboxing
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ATC Unboxing





There are a lot of components that are involved in the successful integration into your CNC environment. 

This is an overall of what is involved, see the inventory page for the individual components. 


Here is a video of Jeff conducting his unboxing. 


It may look overwhelming but if you keep your VFD and PE relatively close to each other and Spindle Cooling System in the same vicinity, it is an easy run of wires. 

Important note: The 8mm supply line from the dryer to the PE comes with a 1/4" Male quick connector. Personally, I got these connectors, and adapters to ensure that I had all the proper fittings to connect the compressor to the dryer to the 1/4" quick connector's mating side. A lot of dryers have 1/2" NPT female threads. 





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