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Air Compressor / dryer
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Air Compressors is a vary large topic and we don't want to dictate which compressor you use, especially since every shop is very unique in it's requirements.


What we can detail is the requirements for our ATC System:


95PSI / .65mPa is required air input for our Pneumatics Enclosure (PE)

This air does need to pass through an air-dryer system of some sort to ensure quality dry air is sent into the ATC system.


Although overkill, we do recommend a drying system with at least two stages depending on how much moisture is within your air.  

Note that how much moisture is within your air supply depends on many factors.  Ex: if your shop is conditioned and the compressor draws from that conditioned air, then there is likely very little moisture.  However if your compressor is outside or sucking in unconditioned air, it is likely to produce a bunch of moisture in your air.  Therefore the size and type of air-drying system greatly depends.



Install the drying system between the PE and your Air Compressor to ensure dry air is always feeding into the ATC's Pneumatics Enclosure.


Speaking of which, If you currently don't have an air compressor, we recommend this low-cost option from California Air:


If noise is a serious concern, you can also consider something like this:

However know that this is far more expensive than a basic air compressor.  

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