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Ultimate Hose Clamp components
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Every component (Bases, Arms, Attachments) of the Ultimate Hose Clamp has 2 connection points. 


Bases are the starting point, and connect to either the:
Spindle (65mm or 80mm)
Onefinity (top/back of the X/Z axis or on stiffy)
or Nema 23 stepper motor mounting point via straight line or 90 degree from the motor base. 

(80mm spindle, Onefinity and stepper base shown)

Arms serve as an extension for the Attachment.

There are 3 types of arms:
Drop Arms, Extension Adapters, and Arms. 
Drop arms connect to the Onefinity base or Arm and Attachments or Extensions. 
Extension arms connect to Arms and Attachments
Arms connect Stepper Bases to Extensions or Attachments. 

(3XL arm and XL Drop arm shown)

Attachments are for holding your hose.

Attachments connect to Arms, or Onefinity Bases, or Spindle Bases

(4" Vertical Hose Attachment shown)

Example configurations with only these components.
*Onefinity base also compatible with Drop Arm. 


(Stepper Base, 3XL Arm, Drop Arm, 4" Hose Attachment)


Stepper Base, 3XL Arm, 4" Vertical Hose Attachment Shown


Onfinity Base and 4" Hose Attachment shown


80mm Spindle Base and 4" Hose attachment shown

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