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UHC Base for Onefinity Elite and X50 rails
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With the introduction of the new Onefinity Elite series machines... comes new accessories.


One of those is the Ultimate Hose Clamp Onefinity Base and attaches to the back of XZ mounting point, and is compatible with x-50 stiffy. Untested on X35, however it is unlikely to work.

Designed to work with Arms, Drop Arms, and Attachments


Simply remove the screws (if present) and add it on top of Elite switch plate or without a switch plate, just install the screws. 




The Onefinity Base is made available for purchase and included within the maker files pack for our Ultimate Hose Clamp.


This base is very similar to the Spindle bases which do not require the use of an extension arm in order to properly align the end-attachment to your machine configuration.

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