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PwnCNC's Spindle Components

When you receive your Spindle System, the first thing you'll want to do is to inventory all the parts.


1. Spindle Motor

* We offer a variety of Spindle motors to suite your specific needs.  You can learn more about our options here.


2. VFD (Variable Frequency Drive)

* Our patent-pending VFD Enclosure means wires plug in quickly and easily.


3. Spindle Cable H20 - 5-meters (orders shipped after 17 May, 2024 will receive a 6-meter cable)


4. Spindle Cable H20 Extension 2-meters (Optional)

* Sometimes 5-meters is just not long enough, purchase this extension cable separately to extend your Spindle Cable easily.


5. Kool Connectors (Optional and sold separately)

* Our water-cooled Spindle motors can come with our custom designed Kool Connectors which if purchased together with your spindle system, we'll pre-install the motor side connectors for you. 


6. Cooling System (Optional, but sold separately)

* If you have an air-cooled Spindle motor, ignore this one... but if you have a water-cooled Spindle Motor, you'll need a cooling system.  We offer two different types of cooling systems.  The one pictured is our most basic which is a submersible pond pump and tubing.  More advanced option includes a CW-3000 Chiller.


7. Wrenches

* Sized for your particular motor; one wrench is used to hold the spindle shaft while the other is for turning the collet nut.


8. Collets

* Each Spindle System will come with 3 collets sized to your particular motor (either ER11 or ER20).  

** Remember to "snap" the collet into the nut so it properly seats and holds your bit securely.  We discuss it in another KB article here.

*** Additional collet nuts are also available on our store.


9. VFD Wall Mounting Parts (screws required but not included)

* VFD mounts with a french-cleat style plastic part that's included with your kit.

** Additional mounting options are available here.


10. IoT Plug (2-conductor wire and IoT Power Strip optional and sold separately)

* Adding an IoT Power Strip will let you automatically turn on/off your cooling system and even extraction system.


11. Control Cable (Optional and sold separately)

* Control cables allow your CNC controller to control the VFD and Spindle motor.  It's optional because you can operate your spindle in manual mode... but it is required if you want to operate your spindle in automatic mode.

** We have a variety of control cable types which are unique depending on which CNC machine and controller you own.  One side will always fit into our VFD while the other fits into your specific machines controller.  If you switch CNC machines/Controllers... you can carry your spindle system to the new setup with a simple change of the control cable and a few programming settings.


12. 80mm Spindle Mount and Adapter Plate (Optional and sold separately)

* Your CNC machine may already have an 80mm spindle mount, however there are several out there where 80mm is not available.  We're here to help with that.


13. Skittles!  - We want to share with you one of our favorite candies here at PwnCNC. 

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