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IoT Power Strip
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Digital Loggers has developed an awesome product which pairs perfectly with our spindle systems IoT port.  Included with each spindle system is an IoT Plug that allows you to add a 2-conductor wire between our VFD Enclosure and the IoT Power Strip


There's an "Usually Off" outlet on the IoT Power Strip in which you plug your shop vac.  When the VFD/Spindle ramps above 5500rpms, the proper voltage is passed along the signal wire to the IoT Power Strip and activates your shop vac.


We've attached the technical datasheet to this article for more details.


The main details to know about our use-case is the following:

  • Multiple AC loads of up to 12 Amps total may be controlled.  This is sufficient to allow for most, if not all, shop vacs.  But will likely exclude dust collectors that require more than 12 Amps during startup.
  • 12-120VAC means it is basically limited for use in the United States.  (We have asked Digital Loggers to develop a 220v version, but no updates are available at this time.)
  • You can use this to automatically control your spindle motor coolant pump.  If you do this, it is highly recommended to add a 3rd party flow indicator, so you know it's turned on when your CNC operations begin.




If you have additional questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]


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