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UHC 90 Degree Stepper Base
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Just like the stepper base, the 90-degree stepper base is the anchor for your Ultimate Hose Clamp, and allows you to mount arms vertically from to attach and hold your hose to. 


Overall breakout view

Sandwich the top and bottom piece with the u shaped metal spacer. 

Insert the drop nut on the inside. 

From the back insert the M5x20 screw and tighten in the nut. 

These screws here are used to mate with the square nut of the arm. 

Use of the spacers is dependent on the configuration of your machine. You'll want to use the shortest spacers possible, and if you can go without using them at all that is better as its not required but provided to give you that extra height you may need. These would mount over the top of the nema 23 stepper motor mounts, and longer screws (m5) are provided to replace them. 





The 90 Degree Stepper Base is available for purchase and included within the maker files pack for our Ultimate Hose Clamp.

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