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Tube Bundle for Onefinity Z-20
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All tube bundles are made of 6 components. 

  1. The Boot (V2 or V3)
  2. PwnCNC Extension Adapters - A simple screw-together 90 or 45deg adapter.
  3. The Tube - See-through vertical tube to reposition the hose intake at the top-rear of your X/Z Carriage.
  4. Z-Independent Bracket systems - Customized to fit a variety of machines, this bracketing system mounts onto your machine and provides the z-independent boot a vertical track for mounting onto.
  5. Ultimate Hose Clamps - Highly modular hose mounting system that has a variety of attachments to the machine, reaching out to hold the hose or in this case our Tube.
  6. Maglock Round Adapter (instructions included here)


Here are pictures of how your Onefinity Elite Tube Bundle is assembled:


Breakout View of the various components:

Assembling the Onefinity Base with Drop arm and tube clamp


Use the included M5x30 socket screws to join the two parts of the drop-arm together.

This forms the drop-arm as a single-unit which will let you adjust the position of the attachment.


Two M6 screws are used to secure the Onefinity mounting base to the top of your X carriage. 



The drop-arm will attach to it using 2 M5x14 socket screws on either side.  For additional security use the included M5 square nut and M5x14 socket screw.


The attachment will connect to the bottom of the drop-arm and secured into place using the two M5x14 socket screws.  


For additional security you can use the square nut and additional M5x14 socket screw.




Using Superglue (not included), attach one of the mag-rings and the tube adapter onto either end of the acrylic tube.  Allow this to fully dry before proceeding to the next step.


The "extension adapter" is used to make the 90deg turn into the boot.  Screw the 90deg adapter into the 2" extension piece, then add the squared circle end to form a complete 90deg boot adapter.


Just like before, Superglue the MagRing onto the round boot adapter and allow it to dry.


When you're finished, this is what the complete product looks like mounted onto the Onefinity machine.




The support arms of are put together as described in this video.



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