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Assemble v2 Dust Boot
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An Inventory


You'll find several bags within your v2 boot bag. Unpack all of them to find the following items:

  • (1) Main Boot part in your selected color
  • (1) Face part in black
  • (3) Acrylic parts with protective film
  • (5) M3x10mm Button screws
  • (4) M3x10mm Socket screws
  • (2) Wing parts with embedded magnets in black

Not included but tools you'll need are as follows:

  • 2mm hex wrench
  • 2.5mm hex wrench
  • tack hammer or equivalent
  • Box Cutter or flush cutter


A Attach Wings

The wings are attached to either side of the boot. They're attached using the (4) M3x10mm Socket screws. They're screwed into the brass threaded inserts along either side of the main boot body.

Use the 2.5mm hex wrench to attach the screws.


B Attach Brush

The brush is long enough to cover both the boot and face parts. So start the brush in the boot at the end of the brush on one end of the track. Press the brush down into the track, slowly working your way around the track.

Pay particular attention to keeping the bristles perpendicular to the bottom of the boot.

Once the entire brush has been seated in the track, use flush or box cutter to trim the brush material to size. You do not want any brush material protruding out the front of the boot as it'll interfere with properly attaching the face.



C Attach Window

Remove the protective film from the rectangular acrylic part. This is the tough part: Place the concave part facing forward within the boot as pictured. Use a small hammer to fully seat the tongs of the concave side within the boot and press the rear flat part into place.
Keep at it... it is a very tight fit on purpose... but be gental as you don't want to chip the acrylic or crack the boot.

Once the acrylic piece is in place, use a flat head screw driver to gently slide it back under the rear flap of the boot.

Lastly take a cloth to wipe away any finger prints from above and below.



D Attach Boot Acrylic

Grab the circular acrylic part and remove protective film.

Slide into place underneath the boot.

Using (3) M3x10mm button head screws, secure the acrylic into place.


A Slide in Brush

The face part has an angled brush track. This requires you to slide the brush material in from one side through to the other.

Using a flush cutter, trim both ends at the angle so the brush material's seat is flush with the surface of the face.

Note that not flush cutting this material will cause the face to not sit properly when attached to the boot.


B Attach Face Acrylic

Grab the partial circle acrylic part and remove protective film.

Slide into place underneath the face.

Using (2) M3x10mm button head screws, secure the acrylic into place.



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