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Spindle Mount
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Our spindle mount is designed in two parts.  The spindle mount itself and an adapter plate that sits between your CNC machine and the mount.

The first step is to install the adapter plate onto your CNC machine after removing the old mount.


Each plate is different, and the plate you receive may have been improved from the graphic below... but the mounting points for these Adapter Plates and your machine will be the same.


It is advised to use BLUE locktite on all threads to keep things from backing off on you during carvings.



(2) M5x20mm Button Screws

(2) M5 Lock Nuts

Attaching directly to the stock Z plate.


(4) M5x15mm Button Screws

Reusing (2) M5 T-Track nuts that came with your workbee.

Attaching directly to the Z extrusion.

Shapeoko 5 Pro

(4) M6x12mm Socket Screws

Screwed directly into the stock Z plate.

LongMill MK1

Reusing existing hardware and completely replacing the MK1's steel Z plate.

LongMill MK2

Reusing existing hardware and completely replacing MK2's steel Z plate


You'll be reusing the t-track nuts from your original mount along with the included M6x12 Socket screws.

Mount the plate securely using the hardware specified above.  If you're not reusing hardware that came with your machine, we'll provide it to you.


On every adapter plate designed above... there will be 4 threaded holes to receive our spindle mount's M6x80mm screws.  

The second step is to install the left two M6x80mm bolts, the spindle motor, and the other two M6x80mm bolts.



Bonus:  Use the included M5x25mm screw to expand the diameter if you’re having trouble installing your spindle motor.  But don’t leave the screw after installation is complete.





Another bonus:  We’ve added a variety of M5 screw holes for adding accessories around your spindle mount. 
Checkout our KB article for additional information and stay tuned for accessories coming to our store soon.




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