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Why should I buy a Spindle System from PwnCNC?
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Let's address a common question that arises when contemplating our spindle system.




Why spend an extra $400+ over the cheap "amazon special"?



To answer this let's begin with our owner and lead engineer, Daniel Moran. Daniel initially pursued Mechanical Engineering at the University of Arkansas but later switched to Computer Engineering after a few years of study. He graduated in 2001 with a degree in Computer Systems Engineering, along with a minor in mathematics. This formal education equips him with a strong understanding of electronics, mechanics, and computer programming. Daniel's career commenced at an aluminum parts manufacturer, where he focused on mechanical 3D design and swiftly transitioned to the research and development department. It didn't take long for Daniel to be captivated by the entrepreneurial spirit, leading him to establish his own computer business that developed software for small businesses. This experience propelled him to work in computer data centers for the world's largest retailer and subsequently in Silicon Valley startups, contributing to their growth with valuations exceeding 10 billion dollars.


In 2019, Daniel embarked on the journey of founding PwnCNC, driven by the desire to contribute to the hobby CNC community. Our first product, a lever clamp that could be easily 3D printed, paved the way for the introduction of the first production-ready rear-hose dust boot. This innovative solution inspired further designs that addressed the issues customers faced with their CNC machines. By late 2021, Daniel decided to leverage his decades of experience and release a user-friendly spindle kit that simplified setup and initialization, enabling customers to enjoy the benefits that industrial workshops have long appreciated.



For over six months, Daniel dedicated himself to deep research on spindle system part suppliers. He acquired numerous motors, VFDs, and other supplies from various manufacturers, meticulously seeking the highest quality components to build our spindle systems. Ultimately, we selected Delixi as our VFD manufacturer and G-Penny as our motor manufacturer. These two companies demonstrated the commitment to quality, support, and warranty that aligns with our customers' and product's needs.




By January 2022, the market saw several spindle system makers, prompting us to seek differentiation. We concluded that developing the perfect enclosure would be the best way to showcase our primary value proposition—plug-and-play functionality. By designing the ideal enclosure, our spindle systems could be effortlessly installed and quickly set up, allowing anyone to plug a few wires into our VFD Enclosure and enjoy the benefits of an industrial-style spindle on their hobby CNC machine.



Key features of our Spindle System include:

  1. All cables are fully soldered and ready to plug in and start using.
  2. Manual Override switch letting you run your spindle manually or automatically using your CNC Controller.
  3. Our systems can be automatically controlled via Modbus or the most common PWM output from CNC controllers.
  4. Simple IoT plug for attaching an IoT Power Strip which can automatically turn on your shop vac.
  5. Our VFD offers Sensorless Vector Control by default.
  6. Huge array of motor options including the hugely popular 1.5kw 80mm ER20 110v and 2.2kw 80mm ER20 220v.
  7. High quality parts, wrenches, collets.. not to mention the after-sale support you deserve.



In our commitment to differentiating our spindle systems from the competition, we have placed a strong emphasis on upgradability. We firmly believe in inclusivity and ensuring that no one gets left behind. That's why our VFD Enclosures are specifically designed for easy upgrades right from the start. With conveniently interchangeable subpanels, our enclosures can adapt as we unlock additional features offered by the Delixi VFD. To support this, we provide an upgrade service. Simply purchase the VFD upgrade, send us your VFD, and we'll upgrade your VFD to our V5 enclosure with black anodized aluminum on 4 sides, and no port left untouched, returning it to you thoroughly tested and cleaned.


Our dedication to excellence extends to extensive research, testing, and development, totaling hundreds of hours. This commitment enables us to deliver a market-leading spindle system that is compatible with all existing and future hobby CNC machines.

But our research and innovation don't stop there. We actively listen to our customers and constantly seek opportunities for improvement. Collaborating with partners like Koolance, we have designed no-leak connectors specifically tailored for installation on our water-cooled spindle motors. Additionally, we have worked closely with collet manufacturers to provide a range of woodworking and high-precision metalworking collets and collet nuts. We have also partnered with CNC manufacturers like Onefinity to develop user-friendly spindle plugs for their newest Elite/Masso controller, further enhancing the overall experience for our customers.



We deeply appreciate the trust and support our valued customers have placed in PwnCNC. We understand the significance of this trust and leverage it to fuel innovation in collaboration with our parts suppliers. In particular, we are grateful for our partnership with G-Penny, who is dedicated to developing the ideal hobby-level ATC Spindle motor for us.


An "Amazon special" spindle parts package simply cannot offer the comprehensive benefits and features that we provide. We invite you to join us in creating the ultimate spindle system that caters to the needs and enjoyment of all users. Together, we can build a product that surpasses the limitations of generic options and offers a truly exceptional experience.


In the end... do you want to deep dive into "finishing" the amazon special with tons of documents to pour your time and effort into:



Or would you like to purchase from an American small business owner who listens to you and is here to help when things go wrong.





But... you don't have to take our word for it... check out all of these video reviews our customers have published on our behalf:



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