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What you'll need to power your 2.2kw 220v Spindle System
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Are you having an electrician out to install a new plug for your new PwnCNC 220v spindle system?  
Then please tell them to install an L6-20R 20amp 220v plug.




Our spindle system will come with a 6foot "NEMA L6-20P to IEC 60320 C13" power cable.




If you'd like something longer... Amazon has a selection of L6-20P/C13 cables:


Also note:  For our international customers... we ship this American plug with all 220v spindle systems. Please check out your local hardware store for a wire-it-yourself plug and consider simply cutting the American plug off and wire in your locally compliant power plug.   Alternatively our C13 (VFD side) is very common computer system plug and you should be able to find a local computer cord with your locally compliant power plug pre-installed.  Just make sure it can support 15amps or more at 220v.

Some international cables that should work fine:

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