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Spindle Break-in Procedure
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The Spindle break-in procedure is pretty simple and straight forward and may need to be done if sitting stagnant for a period of time or if in a colder climate. 

The purpose of the break-in is to evenly distribute the lubricants and warm it up before being used. 


6000 rpm for 20-30 min 

9000 rpm for 20-30 min

12000 rpm for 20-30 min

18000 rpm for 20-30 min

24000 rpm for 20-30 min


First jog your spindle to a safe location, preferably without a bit installed before running. 

Because we understand the risks of running gcode found on the internet, here it is in raw format with each lines meaning.



;Here is a g-code in raw format, and copy this section to notepad, then save it, and change the extension to match that of your controller's format.  

M3; spindle rotate CW

S6000; speed 6k rpm

g4 p1200000; pause 20 minutes (20x 60000 milliseconds)


g4 p1200000


g4 p1200000


g4 p1200000


g4 p1200000

M5; spindle stop


We recommend if you own a water-cooled spindle motor.  Run the first half of this break-in with the coolant pump turned off.  This will help heat up your motor faster.

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