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"Touch Probe Issue" Explained
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Problem/Solution: For OG customers (only) where your probe block is wired to the pin closest to the latch/clip... you'll need to rewire your probe so it works properly with your machine.  Your probe wiring should match the "Old Probe" picture below.

Note: In general you should always use the probe's magnet as instructed by the probe manufacturer.


I have two probes that are wired differently as well as two machines each with our spindle: the OG Onefinity w/buildbotics controller and the Onefinity Elite w/Masso Controller.
Note: I tried the following tests with each machine where the machine & spindle are on separate wall circuits and on the same circuit with the same results.



To validate the way your probe is wired follow these steps:

First the probe block against the bit (not expecting anything to change)
Then just touch the clip to the frame (might have to go to a bare metal spot like a screw) *with the block still against the bit* (expecting change). 
Tap the probe block against the bit a few times watching for change.  (I don't suspect you'll see one)
Tap the clip on the frame with the probe touching the bit (expecting change with each tap)
Tap the clip to the probe a few times. I'm expecting change with each tap.



A. The "Old Probe" works fine and can probe properly (without the magnet, although this may vary thus recommendation is to always use the magnet)

B. The "New Probe" doesn't work at all. The instant the magnet is attached to the spindle, the sensor is tripped. This is the true "probe issue" and the situation where the probe would need to be rewired the same way the "old probe" is (see picture).



Additional info related to the Buildbotics controller's I/O Configuration... Had the probe=normally-open during all testing.



This issue is not exclusive to Onefinity either, and includes other user made probes. There is an active (Hot) wire, and a ground wire. If the active wire is attached to a clip or magnet and attached to your spindle, it could believe the cycle was completed, and not proceed.


You need to have the active wire attached to your block, and after putting the ground wire on your spindle via magnet or clip would it complete the circuit. 

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