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Dust Boots for Onefinity
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Z-Independent vs Router Mounted

There are two main types of dust boots and which one you choose greatly depends on a few factors.

  • Z-Independent boots hover over your stock allowing your 65/69mm Palm Router (or even our 65mm or 80mm Spindle Motor) to move freely in the Z direction.  These type of boots are perfect for 2.5d carving like simple signs but can also be utilized for 3d carving if certain requirements are satisfied, more on this later.
  • Spindle / Router mounted boots attach directly to your Spindle or Palm Router and moves in the Z direction.  These type of boots are perfect for 3d carving.


Is Z-Independent Bracketing Required?  Yes... you will need bracketing with your Z-Independent dust boot.  Bracketing is used to mount the boot directly onto the X carriage avoiding contact with the Z that is moving up/down.  We have the perfect z-independent bracketing system for your Onefinity regardless of which spindle/router your using:  65mm or 80mm.


Front or Back Loading

PwnCNC revolutionized the CNC dust collection market by releasing the first of its kind "under-the-gantry" or "rear-loading" dust boot design.  

  • Rear Loading (our v2/v3/v9 designs) gives you the greatest visibility and access to your router, but these features  come at a cost... reduced Z capacity.  The boot itself has been optimized to take as little of your machines Z capacity as possible... roughly 1.75".  But for today's modern hobby CNC machines that isn't really a problem since most have capacities upwards of 6".  This means you can easily carve 3/4" or even 2-3" thick stock and our rear loading dust boot designs.
  • Front Loading (our v4/v6 design) gives you all the advantages of z-independence and does not take up any of your Z capacity to make it work.  You do, however, have to route your hose towards the front of your machine where the intake exists.  Although v4 is very similar to SuckIt, v6 is dramatically different.  It's designed for the strict requirements of deep carvings like trays and 3d utilizing longer bristles to maintain the brush-seal, required for an efficient dust boot.
  • Alternatively our v7 design offers a Spindle/Router Mounted boot that also takes up no Z capacity and will work great no matter which configuration your Onefinity is in.
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