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How to make V2
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For the makers out there, this is what is required to make the V2 boot yourself and below is how you assemble it. 

Dust Boot v2 - Brush

Dust Boot v2 - Acrylic (dxf file is provided, and utilizes 1/8" acrylic if doing it yourself)

Dust Boot v2 for Makers (Digital files, makers pack, or both in drop down)


What you'll need to print:


./boot adapter/adapter-suckit.stl





./Magnet orientation tool/orientator.stl


The 8 short M3 heat inserts are placed on the outer ledge. This is where the wings will screw into. 

The 3 Tall Heat inserts are placed on the underside of the boot. This is where the acrylic gets screwed into. 

Magnets are placed on the front and on the outside of the wings as shown below. A drop or 2 of super glue never hurt anyone here.


The Face. Insert 2 Tall heat inserts into the front (these connect the face acrylic) and the magnets opposite of how you did with the boot. 


Thats it, now head over to our assembly instructions:

Assemble v2 Dust Boot 

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