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Tool Setter Programming on Masso
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Tool Setter Programming for Masso


Note: It is not a direct plug and play for the Onefinity Elite Series. See Tool-Setter Inlet - PwnCNC for wiring instructions. 


If you're using ATC, refer to these instructions instead


First thing you'll want to do is get the machine coordinates of where you want the machine to go for the tool setters location and take note of the XY and Z with the longest bit installed and floating about 1/4" (~6mm), as well as where you want it to go for the tool change. 


After you have those coordinates written down, will want to do is go into your F1 Screen and enter the password (either no password [just hit enter], or HTG unless you changed it yourself)


In the F1 Screen select Tool Changer on the left, then double tap/click Manual Tool Change in the popup. 



This is the XYZ of where it will go when your tool change is triggered. This instance is Z 1" from the top, the middle of the X forward on the Y. Your settings would likely be somewhat similar depending on your circumstance. Ensure they're all enabled otherwise that coordinate will be ignored.


Finally you want to go to Auto Tool Zero. 

Enable tool setter: This is a special use case where perhaps for a particular job you don't want to have the tool setter work. Perhaps you covered it up if undermounting it. Recommended setting is enabled

Only Auto Tool Zero When Manually Requested: This is if you have collars installed using our speedsetter and need to set the depth. If intending to continue to use the speedsetter, this product is largely unnecessary as the speedsetter will manage the bit that is extended to a fixed length and this will adjust the various bit heights automatically. 

Tool Setter XY location and Enable: This is how you would set the position of the Tool Setter within your CNC footprint. 

Safe Z Distance to Tool Setter: This will allow you to create a rapid movement so you don't have to have it slow creep in a distance that you wouldn't use. Install your longest bit, and hover over the tool setter and about 1/4" (~6mm), and look at your machine coords for the Z and you'll get what this number should be. 

Tool Zero Feedrate: How fast do you want it to probe towards your tool setter. I found that 30ipm is a happy medium for me where it doesn't take forever, but isn't too fast for comfort. 



Thats it, your tool setter is programmed! 


In order for it to fit in your workflow though, you will need to update your tool library, as well as your cad tool library, for that refer to this: 

Tool Numbering in MASSO


After your tools are numbered, you can save your gcode with multiple tools as 1 file, and upon power up, and homing it will proceed to the tool setter. Touch off. You'll load your gcode, get XYZ with the current bit installed, even if it's not the first one you intend on using. Then hit start, and it'll register that there was a different tool commanded than what is loaded according to the interface. It will proceed to your tool change location, and query to change bits, then after hitting cycle start or the green button on Masso Touch, it will go over to the tool setter location. Touch off. Then proceed to the loaded gcode and your making glitter. 

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