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Tool-Setter Inlet
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Thank you for investing in PwnCNC... these instructions will help you install the tool-setter onto your Masso Touch CNC Controller.


Your cable should look like this:


This will be wired into the Masso G3 controller behind the Masso Touch's main screen.  

First step is to open the Touch by removing the (4) M5 screws around the screen.


Once open you'll be wiring the tool-setter as follows:

Black and White go into any available inputs.  On my touch, i had inputs #3 and #4 available, so I wired black into #3, and white into #4.

The Yellow/Red wire can be installed into any available Power terminal.  



Next up is telling your Masso controller what the inputs mean.



Black / Input 3 = Tool Setter  (be sure to invert the input by pushing the space bar)

White / Input 4 = Cycle Stop  (be sure to invert the input by pushing the space bar)


Note that Cycle Stop or Tool Setter may be taken up by another input. To remove the predesignated assignment, double tap where it is assigned and scroll up to "not used"


It is safe to leave Input 4 unassigned as this is an over-travel sensor. 

It is not necessary for a workable tool-setter and reassigning it will mean the red button the touch will not work. 



Now to program it Tool Setter Programming on Masso 

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