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Onefinity Elite Masso - Wiring Notice
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It has recently come to our attention that the Spindle Inlet cable needs a minor modification to prevent damage to your Masso Controller and/or Spindle Kit.  Onefinity has been notified… but out of an abundance of precaution please validate the following:


With your Elite machine turned off... Open your Masso Touch controller by loosening these 4 screws:


The controller's face will open up like a book:


There should be nothing wired into the Masso's Spindle Control pin 7 location.  If there is... please remove it and tape it off.



After taping it off it should look like this:



Additional Information:

Pin 7 relates to the CCW button and will tell the VFD to run in reverse.  This is not something that woodworking spindles can do and should be disconnected prior to plugging in your spindle control cable.


IF you have a metalworking spindle and would like to utilize reverse, then you can place the white wire into pin 7 and change the VFD parameter P2.0.01 = 2   This will enable the Reverse/CCW functionality of your metalworking spindle.

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