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Installing Warthog Pigtail
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We've discovered through a bunch of testing that the stock spindle plug on the new Warthog controller from Carbide3d just isn't good enough for 3rd party spindle kits. 

Not to worry... we've developed a super simple workaround in the form of a simple pigtail wire that can be installed into your Warthog controller easily enough.



First step is to take a 30/64" drill bit and add a small hole to your controller's cover as follows:

Pro-Tip.  Wait until after you're out of your CNC machine's warranty period before making permanent modifications to the machine. 



Now install the pigtail into place and plug the 2-pin dupont connector onto the ICSP header.



Lastly seal your controller back up and you're all set for a plug-n-play experience.


And... finally, plug in the 6-pin control cable between the VFD and the controller.

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