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Carbide3d's Shapeoko
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Your new Spindle Kit is fully programmed for automatic control but also has a “Manual Override” switch which lets you run your spindle in manual mode via the VFD’s keypad controls.

If you’d like to run your spindle in manual mode, flip the “Manual Override” switch up or “1” to enable VFD Keypad controls. Then use the Run/Stop and Potentiometer dial on the front of your VFD to run your motor.

If you’d like to automatically control your spindle via g-code and the Shapeoko’s controller, perform the following:

Your VFD has come preprogrammed to accept a PWM signal between 0 and 5 volts. This matches the signal the Carbide Controller sends out.

From within Carbide Motion V5 navigate to the Settings->Options and change the Spindle to “VFD Spindle”. Hit OK at the bottom and confirm sending configuration to your machine.

If you are operating on V6 or higher, you will need to reconfigure Carbide Motion from initial machine setup to see the spindle enable button. 


That’s it… just remember to properly configure your RPM’s when working within Carbide Create or other CAD software and with a carbide controller hit run after every power cycle or stop/reset of the VFD. 


Notes: If you have a Shapeoko 5, you'll need to install the warthog pigtail as seen here

If using carbide motion as your controller software, when in setup, ensure that bit runner is disabled. Even if selecting VFD spindle if it was on before, it is still on but ghosted as experienced in build 618.

Notes: Do not enable bit runner, and if it is enabled but ghosted, you will need to reconfigure carbide motion for a router to deselect the Bit Runner so it can be disabled. 

If you have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected]


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