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Upgrading Onefinity Z-16 to Z-20
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If you're currently using one of our Z-independent dust boots with your Onefinity CNC machine featuring the Z-16 carriage. 

Then your bracketing looks a little something like this:


If you're wanting to upgrade to the new Onefinity Z-20 carriage, you will need to purchase the updated bracketing system:


Most notable changes:

  1. Thumb screws have been lengthened so the thumb part is in a better position relative to the updated spindle mount.
  2. The upper support arms have been thickened for the same reason.
  3. The nut-plate has been narrowed to better fit into the thinner track brackets built into the updated Z-20 carriage.


There is no upgrade kit as there are too many changes to the bracketing in order to accommodate the updated carriage design.


You can purchase the updated bracketing here:


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