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What do I need to upgrade my Black Box 1F to an Elite as it regards Spindles?

Taking advantage of the 1F upgrade path for those connecting via the Modbus connection... Well, you're in the right place to find out what you need. The top has [V0][1], and [V1][2] The Middle is [V2][3] and [V3][4] The bottom block is [V4][5] ![][6] [VFD Upgrade][7], [Spindle Cable ][8]& [GX12-6 Pin to GX12-6 Pi…

ATC Announcment

**PwnCNC's ATC System FAQ** **_This document covers all of the awesome features of our PwnCNC’s ATC System._** ![][1] **More Information on PwnCNC's ATC System** It has been a full year since we started development on our most anticipated product yet. A fully automatic tool changing spindle system for hobby level …

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