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Why should I buy a Spindle Kit from PwnCNC?

Let's address a common question that arises when contemplating our spindle kit. ![][1] **V.S. **![][2] **Why spend an extra $400 over the cheap "amazon special"?** To answer this let's begin with our owner and lead engineer, Daniel Moran. Daniel initially pursued Mechanical Engineering at the University of Arkansas…

SuckIt Arms Compatibility

PwnCNC Dust Boots v2, v3, and v4 are not compatible with SuckIt Support Arms. If you purchased the SuckIt dust boot with your Onefinity machine, the boot comes with a pair of injection molded support arms. These arms are NOT compatible with PwnCNC dust boots v2, v3, or v4. PwnCNC Dust Boot v8, sold exclusively throu…

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