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Onefinity - Temporary Addendum
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Huzzah... Onefinity has released v1.3.0 which includes the "PwnCNC VFD" listed within the tools menu.  If, at all possible, please ensure you've upgraded your firmware.

If you still insist on using the older firmware, then the following article is for you.

You can find the latest Onefinity blackbox firmware on their forum:



If your Onefinity BlackBox Controller has a firmware version <=1.1.1 OR =1.2-beta then you'll need to follow the instructions within the attached "temporary addendum".


Must follow the Temporary Addendum to enable automatic g-code control and disable "Manual Override":




1.1.2 alpha 1

1.2.0 beta - currently listed in the forums.


Only firmware currently in circulation that you can avoid following the Temporary Addendum without disabling the "Manual Override" is 1.1.2 alpha 2.  



The Onefinity BlackBox controller running a fork of the BuildBotics firmware has some "funny" math within it.  Essentially it has some trouble running the math required to properly communicate with our VFD over Modbus.  This can be overcome with some very select values which may seem unusual.  These odd values are for the RPMs in the controller and the Hz within the VFD.  


What do I gain?

By following the attached addendum, your controller will gain full control over the start, stop, and RPMs of your spindle.


What do I loose?

By following the attached addendum, you will loose a "nice to have" feature we call "Manual Override".  Specifically this is a switch on the left side of your VFD Enclosure that lets you switch between automatic Modbus control or manual mode via the VFD's onboard keypad.  "Manual Override" must be disabled and the VFD configured for ONLY automatic control until the "funny" math is corrected.


Will I ever get "Manual Override" back?

Yes.  We are working closely with the Onefinity firmware team to add the PwnCNC VFD entry into the tool menu of the controller.  When this change is implemented and released, you'll be able to restore the original settings mentioned within the "Temporary Addendum" document after upgrading your Controller software.    


If you have additional questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]


Show Me:

There is a video walk-through available for implementing the Temporary Addendum:  



Here's an older video walkthrough of the same process:


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