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VFD to Shapeoko3
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If you're here you're interested in wiring up our EM61 VFD into your Shapeoko's Controller provided by Carbide3d, then you're in the right place.


Goal:  Wire up our VFD into the Shapeoko Controller to allow their controller to control the speed of the spindle motor.


Wiring Diagram

Let's start with the wiring diagram... also see attached pdf.


VFD Programming

Next there's VFD programming to be considered... 


P0003   Operation Control Mode A (Run/Stop)
P0004 3 Frequency Source A (RPMs)
P2015 5 Maximum PWM Voltage 0-5v for Carbide


Shapeoko's have limited control capabilities. Which means you must hit the "Run" and "Stop" on the VFD's keypad in order to allow their controller to run on command.  


Controller Programming

From within Carbide Motion >=v5 navigate to the Settings->Options and change the Spindle to “VFD Spindle”.


Hit OK at the bottom and confirm sending configuration to your machine.




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