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VFD to Gecko 540
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work in progress... quick start guide coming soon


If you're here you're interested in wiring up our EM61 VFD into your Gecko 540 Controller provided by cnc4newbies, then you're in the right place.


Goal:  Wire up our VFD into the G540 Controller to allow their controller to trigger FWD operation as well as controlling the speed of the spindle motor.


Wiring Diagram

Let's start with the wiring diagram... also see attached pdf.

+10V (orange) -> B6 (pin 9)

VF1 (red) -> B5 (pin 8)

GND (black) -> B4 (pin 7)

COM (white not green) -> B7/B8 (pin12)

DI1 (yellow) -> B2 (pin5)



VFD Programming

Next there's VFD programming to be considered... 


P0003  Operation Control Mode A (Run/Stop)
P0004 3 Frequency Source A (RPMs)
P2000 1 Digital Input 1 - FWD
P2001 2 Digital Input 2 - REV



Controller Programming

Last it's time to configure the UCCNC itself to know what type of spindle it has.



When testing... if the spindle turns CCW... check the activate low



for the RPMs:  Red, Black, and Orange
There is a step you'll need to perform to make the Orange wire active.  It seems this specific controller requires the VFD to supply a 10 volt signal which is possible but we leave the orange wire disconnected by default.
I'll get a video put together asap on this process.  It is relatively easy to do and will take about 10min.

Then within the UCcnc software... PWM signal is set to 14 while the spindle relay is set to 17.


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