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VFD to Masso
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If you're here you're interested in wiring up our EM61 VFD into your Masso Controller, then you're in the right place.


Goal:  Wire up our VFD into the Masso Controller to allow their controller to trigger FWD and REV operations as well as controlling the speed of the spindle motor.


Wiring Diagram

Let's start with the wiring diagram... also see attached pdf.


* Note that the E-Stop is optional and you do not require Masso's add-on card if you do not wish to tie into their E-Stop on-screen.



Physical Wiring

Then a few photos of how we wired things up and validated this design.  (Photos below do not show e-stop functionality, instead they show our manual override switch utilizing DI2 and DI3: Thus ignore the red wire and the jumper between the two Digital Inputs.)




VFD Programming

Next there's VFD programming to be considered... 


P0003 1 Operation Control Mode A (Run/Stop)
P0004 3 Frequency Source A (RPMs)
P2000 1 Digital Input 1 - FWD
P2001 2 Digital Input 2 - REV



Controller Programming

Last it's time to configure the Masso Controller itself to know what type of spindle it has.


Setup -> Main Spindle

Encoder 100
Spindle Control Method VFD
Maximum RPM 24000
Spin UP delay 6000
Spin DOWN delay 6000


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masso.pdf PWNCNC_Masso_Connections.pdf
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