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Shapeoko Pro with HDZ and 3dTec Risers
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I've just hooked up my Tube bundle onto my Shapeoko Pro since upgrading to the 3dTec risers and there's a few things you'll need to make it work in this new configuration.

Specifically you'll need the "drop arm" which adjusts the tube's attachment point.


Note that in this picture i'm also using the "MagLock Converter" and the Fein hose adapter leading into the Fein hose up to my vac on a shelf above the CNC. By default the tube bundle comes with the 2.5" MagLock Round adapter.

Also sporting the 65mm Halo light which I'll remove whenever I need to use my v7 for carves. I leave the Ultimate Hose Clamp for 80mm Spindles (65mm) mount at the top of my motor so I can easily connect the hose to the front as needed.

Finally, the whole reason for the tube setup... the easy to access detachable hose for when additional cleanup is needed.



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