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How to make V8
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For the makers out there, this is what is required to make the V8 boot yourself.

Dust Boot v8 - Brush

Dust Boot v8 - Acrylic 

Dust Boot v8 for Makers (Files, Makers Pack, or Both selectable from drop down)



What you'll need to print:

./Dust Boot v8\Boot\boot-v8-z16only OR ./Dust Boot v8\Boot\boot-v8-z20

./Dust Boot v8\face\face-v8

(2) ./Dust Boot v8\wings\wings-v4

./Dust Boot v8\boot adapter\adapter-suckit



./Dust Boot v8\magnet orientation tool\orientator


Making the boot.

(6) Short M3 heat inserts

(3) Tall M3 heat inserts

(2) Magnets

(1) Boot



Assembly of the face:

(2) Magnets

(1) Face

Assembly of the wings

(2) Wings

(4) Magnets


Thats it, now onto assembly 

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