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How to make the V10
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For the makers out there, this is what is required to make the V7 boot yourself and below is how you assemble it. 

Dust Boot v10 - Brush

Dust Boot v10 - Acrylic

Dust Boot v10 for Makers (Hardware, Digital Files or both)


The V10-8025 folder provides for 2.5" hose

The V10-8040 folder provides for 4" hose

Substitute "xx" for your choice of 4" or 2.5"

What you'll need to print:


./v10-80xx/collar/collar-spacer.stl (If using an air cooled spindle)

./v10-80xx/MagLock/MagRing/Magring-xxa.stl (x2)

./v10-80xx/MagLock/Magring Receiver Joint/MagReceiver-xx.stl


./v10-80xx/Magnet Orientation Tool/Orientator (not required but helpful)



The printing of tracks provides for great flexibility. You will need either the wide or narrow brush track and the number of spacers is dependent on how many you want. Each spacer is 1/4" thick. 

The Narrow tracks have a spacer built into it and concentrate the dust collection at the point where the bit meets the material. The brush track without "narrow" is an open cavity. 

The 2.5" folder has track-brush & spacer-25.stl and track-brush & spacer-25-initial.stl. The files without "initial" have filament saving notches.







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