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Why Choose a PwnCNC Spindle Kit
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Our spindle kits have had a whole lot of thought and work put into them when compared to those listed on Amazon.  Specifically the Amazon products are simply a collection of some of the required parts.  You'll need to perform your own soldering, settings research, and already have a wealth of knowledge on assembling spindle kits.   If you're an adventurous type and want to put in the work learning how to solder and researching settings then I'd encourage you to go that route.   Most folks, however, are only interested in gaining the benefits of a spindle while not having to put in the work which distracts from what they're really wanting to use their CNC for.


Our kits come "drop-in ready" with the VFD preprogrammed for the motor chosen.  Our kit includes high quality cables with tons of finishing touches where they actually look/feel high quality.  They're properly shielded and drained so EMI interference is at a minimum.  If you include the enclosure with your kit it gets even better.  The enclosure includes a Running-Pause button for that little bit of extra confidence during bit-changing as well as an EMI filtered power inlet port.   If you've dealt with EMI issues you know how important drained/shielded cables and EMI filtering is.


Other features of our kits include:

1. One of a kind add-on options like our Kool Connectors available to water-cooled spindle motors.  This upgrade gets you a no-leak connector between your motor and coolant tubes.

2. One of a kind motor options... 1.5kw 80mm 110v motor with an ER20 collet is one of our most popular motor choices and one that can only be found in two places: PwnCNC or from Carbide3d (with the purchase of their Shapeoko HDM machine).

3. Warranty... our VFD comes with a 20month warranty.

4. You're supporting small business right here in the United States.  When you ask for help, via [email protected], you're dealing with a fellow maker that is very active in supporting our hobby cnc community.


A few final thoughts... I'm always researching these spindle kits.  If a new feature is discovered, it'll be well documented and "upgrade" kits released.  I'm also big about supporting other makers which is why most, if not all, of my products come with maker packs.  This lets you choose to either buy the product or buy maker files/packs so you can build the product yourself, letting you save money where you choose to invest your time.

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