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Our goal with version 5 was to expose as many features and possibility for accessories as possible.  And of course... make our ATC possible.


This version of the enclosure adds the following great features:


  1. Braking Resistor port - You can easily plug in a braking resistor and have the ability to slow down the spindle motor faster via P0.0.12
  2. Aluminum Panels - Acrylic is nice... but we've found shipping it's been horrible with several folks reporting acrylic panels are  breaking due to shipping abuse.  Aluminum solves that and looks oh so nice.
  3. Optional Inlet/Outlet Air Filters - We've redesigned our enclosure joints to allow them to securely hold filtering material.
  4. Run State output port - this allows the VFD to output when it is in run-state.  This is a vital safety feature utilized by our ATC System.
  5. CCW - Digital Input #2 has been reassigned.  In v4 we had it assigned as an e-stop input, but never provided a fully useful way of activating it.  We've decided to reassign this input as a CCW or counter-clock wise command input.  There has been an increased request for our spindles to go in reverse to support a new type of tool-changer that has recently hit the market.  It made sense for us to change DI2 to trigger CCW similarly to how DI1 currently triggers CW.
  6. Removable Manual Override Switch - Using a special extension cable (coming soon to the store), you'll be able to relocate this extremely useful switch from the side of our vfd to where ever you've moved the VFD's Keypad.  This keeps all the most useful functions at your fingertips next to your CNC's controller screen.


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