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2.2 Nm Closed-Loop Stepper
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Pin1 - GND

Pin2 - VCC

Pin3 - PA+

Pin4 - PA-

Pin5 - PB+

Pin6 - PB-

Pin7 - Shield

Pin8 - NC

Pin9 - NC


Common Ratings

Step Angle: 1.8deg

Position Accuracy: 1.8deg +/- 0.09deg

Number of Phases: 2

Temp Rise (max) 80deg C

Dielectric Strength: 500VDC

Insulation Resistance:  100Ohm (500VDC)

Radial Play:  0.025mm (load 450G)

Axial Play:  0.075mm (load 920G)

Insulation Classe:  B



Current / Phase A:  3

DC Resistance: 0.38 Ohms +/- 10%

Inductance/Phase:  1.62 MH +/- 20%

Holding Torque:  2.2 Nm

Inertia:  0.48KG CM2

Weight: 1.25Kgs

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