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VFD to Avid
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Note:  We've received our Avid Pro 4x4 but no room to assemble it in the garage.  Once we're able to assemble, we'll come back and update this article to reflect what was actually implemented and tested.  Thus... this is how we expect to wire up the Avid controller into our VFD.


Wiring Diagram

their connector => my 6-pin control wire
  1 => White (digital common)
  2 => Green (estop)
  7 => Yellow (fwd)
  8 => Whte (digital common)
  9 => Red (pwm)
10 => Black (gnd)


Physical Wiring

Below is how you'll receive our control wire.  You can snip off the ferrule connectors and solder this directly into their connector.  In the future we're hoping to source these connectors ourselves and pre-solder them for you.


Note: Orange (other) is currently tapped off inside the vfd enclosure and not used.  Some machines require a 10v+ signal like CNC4Newbie controllers.  Or you can disable our "Manual Override" switch which takes up two digital inputs within the VFD... and assign one of those inputs as a reverse trigger (similar to FWD) for metal working spindles.  You won't be able to flip to manual override mode but you will be able to reverse a metalworking spindle.






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